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While it can be difficult to face the sources of distress, developing the emotional tools to handle whatever life throws your way is essential to true mental and emotional health. And the key to your emotional well-being and your ability to live a long, successful and happy life is waiting for you here.

● Enhance your emotional intelligence so you can identify your emotions when they are happening and channel them in a positive way

● Build self-confidence so you can visualize yourself overcoming trials and tribulations

● Heal from past grief, loss and trauma, leaving you to step into new opportunities without the baggage of your past hurt

● Handle stress in a manner that pushes you into solutions versus leaves you sitting in your struggles

● Create a new reality for yourself, readjust your limiting beliefs and approach life from a place of positive feelings, not negative ones

● Find clarity so you fully understand the what, why and how of your circumstances before you take action

● Learn what triggers your anxiety and discover calming tactics you can use to relieve stress before your emotions explode

● Identify healthy, positive ways to express negative emotions that can damage your relationships with family and friends


● Are you feeling down, lost, stuck or stressed out at work or in your personal relationships?

● Having trouble coping with intense emotions?

● Is your head swirling with hopelessness or negative self-talk that you’re “not good enough”?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please know this:

You can live a life filled with peace, joy and happiness. You can manage your emotions and move past your struggles in a healthy manner.

You can quiet the negative self-talk and speak positivity into your life.
And, Prackind is here to help you do precisely that. Our mental health and emotional health therapy provides you with the guidance, support, resources and tools to process your emotions so you can bask in the glory of the good times and push through the trials of the not-so-good ones.
We counsel adults, millennials and teens on how to identify and work through any social, professional, academic or personal distress that might be interfering with their ability to live a happy and fulfilling life.

You see, everybody experiences ups and downs, but sometimes, it’s difficult for some adults and teens to sift through their feelings and move past their struggles in a healthy way. And that’s where we come in.

Through our therapy sessions, you will develop the skills to cope with your struggles, manage your stress, see things from a new and positive perspective and thrive in every aspect of your life.

How are you feeling right now?

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Find positive ways to cope with life stressors and express difficult emotions so you can live life to the fullest.

Mental Health
& Emotional Health Therapy

Many people struggle with uncovering who God created them to be, and it leaves them swimming in a sea of confusion, anxiety, overwhelm and stress.

And that’s where creation therapy comes in. Also known as temperament therapy, creation therapy is a biblically-based therapeutic technique used in counseling to help individuals and couples identify their innermost emotional needs so they can experience balance and alleviate stress.

Individuals who undergo creation therapy often report experiencing:

+ A more balanced, stress-free life
+ Emotional growth and personal breakthroughs
+ Spiritual development that opens their hearts and minds to new experiences and opportunities
+ An improved mind-body-soul connection and greater awareness
+ Acceptance, intellectual stimulation and recognition

And at Prackind, we provide individuals with the practical tools and guidance to address their emotional needs and develop stronger relationships with others and God.

Now here’s the best part about creation therapy techniques …

Studies show that they’re proven to help couples improve their communication skills, emotional connections, conflict resolution abilities and relationship with God. In other words, couples experiencing relational stress and having challenges relating to and understanding each other’s needs benefit significantly from creation therapy.

Listen, who we are and who God created us to be sometimes gets lost in the day- to-day shuffle of life. As counselors and humans, we know this. That’s why we use this method – it’s both faith-based and practical – to help you recognize and respond to your unique needs in a way that draws you closer to God, enhances your life and alleviates stress in the process.

Faith-based Counseling

Who Did God Create You To Be? Identify Your Innermost Emotional Needs Through Creation Therapy

Ready to find out how creation therapy can get your life back on track and position you to carry out your divine life mission? Schedule an appointment today.

God has so much in store for you. Let us show you how to claim everything He has assigned to you.


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let's face it...

In teen therapy, we help your child address and work through:

●   Anxiety, stress and life adjustments/transitions
●   Sadness and depression
●   Identity confusion and low self-esteem
●   Unhealthy and toxic relationships
●   Behavior and academic challenges

we get it

Let us support you.

Insurance accepted. Teens must be ages 13-17 to engage in teen therapy services with the consent of a parent and/or legal guardian.

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Parenting your teen has left you feeling depleted and confused, wondering what happened to the child you once knew and where you went wrong.

You often find yourself worried about their future and whether or not they’ll have the skills to manage emotions and navigate daily challenges in an uncertain, chaotic world. You’ve read teen help books, had conversations with friends and tuned into a few parenting podcasts but nothing seems to work.

You're tired of seeing your baby on a downward spiral and something has to give.

Imagine what it’d be like if your teen radiated confidence and experienced joy once again. Think about how good it would feel to know your teen is well equipped on their journey to discovering who they are while becoming independent and freeing themselves of the opinions of others so that they can thrive and live well.

Adolescence is a sensitive, monumental and transitional phase full of wonder, exploration and emotions. And it must be navigated with developmental insight, care, understanding and support.

Through our science based approaches, we’re here to help your teen learn how to create their own happiness, be confident in who they are, move past difficult emotions and learn coping skills they can use time and time again. 

Discover Positive Ways to Create Your Own Happiness So That You Can Thrive and Live Your Best Life

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Teen Therapy