Offering a Helping Hand Through Mental Distress , Relationships and Pre-Marital Anxiety

Listen, life is hard. And coping with the anxiety and stress of the highs and lows it brings can be downright paralyzing. That is, when you don’t have someone to hold your hand through it all. Whether you’re a couple preparing for marital bliss or an individual struggling to sort out your emotions, The Prackind Wellness Group is here to help.



We offer emotional and mental health support and therapy as well as premarital counseling services for couples who are just about ready to say, “I do.”

For millennials and teens, we provide mental health therapy and teen therapy to help break through the anxiety, fear and lack of confidence blocking them from getting the success, inner peace or healthy relationships they want.

For couples, we offer premarital counseling services to foster unconditional love and silence the self-doubt and past traumas stopping them from communicating openly and feeling secure with their partner. Once they identify these emotions and learn how to manage them, they’re left filled with the hope and excitement of spending the rest of their lives together.

We offer sex and relationship therapy to help couples improve sexual communication and experiences, connect on a deeper level and break through shame so they can experience pleasure and thrive in sexual wellness. 

We offer faith-based counseling to help people identify and address their innermost emotional needs so they can experience balance, alleviate stress and become who God created them to be. 

For both our couples, millennial and teen clients, we can help bridge the gap between Christian values and science. We do this by taking a strategic yet faith-based approach to helping our clients gain mental clarity, self-confidence, emotional wellness and internal peace.

our specialties

our specialties

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meet the team

meet the TEAM


Prackind Wellness Group Founder and Therapist 


Therapist, Certified Trauma Professional 









 Meet the Founder

I’m Amaris Watson Gale, the Psychotherapist and Premarital Love Counselor both adults and couples turn to for guidance and support. I counsel adults on how to break through the anxiety, fear and lack of confidence preventing them from getting the success, inner peace and healthy relationships they crave. Engaged couples turn to my practice for compassionate, straightforward premarital advice on how to build passionate, long-lasting marriages.

I believe culture and strategy, infused with kindness and consistency are the top catalysts for healing and development. This ethos, along with my passion for helping others has allowed me to build Prackind in a way that helps our clients achieve the change they want in their lives.

I genuinely love helping others create the life and relationship they’ve always wanted, and I’m blessed to have Prackind as an outlet for me to use my passion to serve others.

Amaris Watson Gale

Certifications and Specialties

Creation (Temperament) Therapy
Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MCBT)
Pre-marital Counseling 
Sex Education and Therapy 


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Salisbury University
Master of Social Work
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Sex Therapy Certification
Institute of Sexuality Education & Enlightenment

My Promise to you

I am passionate about helping women and couples get the life they want. Whether you’re a woman or half of an engaged couple, I want you to know success and a meaningful relationship starts from within. I can help you do the inner work that will forever change how you love on yourself, how you love on others and how you make the most out of this thing we call life.

I’m Paigean Jones, the Therapist, Certified Trauma Professional and Registered Yoga Teacher teens, college students and millennials trust to help them work through difficult emotions, develop inner peace, boost positive feelings about self and let go of recurring worries once and for all.

Audre Lorde said it best, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation”. I believe that understanding and nurturing ones self physically, emotionally and relationally are primary tools for cultivating emotional wellness. This philosophy, along with my passion for serving others has led me to create a healing space for clients to thrive in the midst of COVID-19 and other life uncertainties.

Featuring secure online therapy, science-based tools to help you navigate your emotions in a healthy way and the option to practice yoga too, I’m here to make therapy practical, warm, flexible and accessible for you.

Whether you’re a teen trying to discover who you are, a student wrestling with life’s ups and downs while pursuing independence and passion, or a person experiencing never ending anxiety, I can help you move past difficult emotions and learn self-soothing skills you can use on-demand time and time again.

Meet Paigean

Certifications and Specialties

Registered Yoga Teacher- 200 hour (RYT 200)
Certified Trauma Professional (CTP)
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 
Trauma Informed Yoga
Attachment-based Therapy


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
West Chester University 
Master of Social Work
Georgia State University

I’m Lucia Campos, the Therapist here to help you alleviate emotional pain, thrive in your own skin and establish meaningful connections with others.

I believe self awareness and consistency are the foundation of change and essential for healing and growth. I believe that these practices along with trust and the right strategy can help you thrive.

Offering secure online therapy, flexible availability, an introspective and skill building approach to help you foster wellness and a passion for social justice, I’m here to help make therapy accessible, relevant and practical for you.

No matter what you’re feeling or what’s happening around you, know that you are not alone. Together, we can hold a space for you to break through insecurities, heal from past hurt and manage life and relationship stressors so that you can live well.

Meet Lucia

Certifications and Specialties

Person Centered Therapy
Behavioral Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Fordham University
Bachelor of Social Work - Fordham University
Master of Social Work- Fordham University

I’m Rachel L. Shelton, the Therapist here to help teens, millennials and adults work through life challenges, cope with emotional pain, discover their inner authenticity and reach their full potential.

I utilize a safe, skill building, behavioral change and cognitive approach to support you with letting go of habits that don't serve you so that you can address what’s bothering you and create the life you want. I believe that our existence is purposeful and meaningful. I believe that life challenges and emotional pain are here to teach us meaningful lessons to help us develop spiritually, emotionally so that we may come to know and experience true joy.

Partner with me and together we can tackle life’s hardships and create a custom emotional health tool kit to help you conquer difficult and uncomfortable emotions and experience the life you want.

Meet Rachel

Certifications and Specialties

Person Centered Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Bachelor of Arts in Communication | Notre Dame of Maryland University
Master of Social Work | Howard University

I am Gerri Elliott, the Psychotherapist individuals and families trust to help them manage the challenges and stressors of daily life and thrive in wellness and relationships.

I believe that humans are mind, body and spirit and therapy is one way to improve one's overall well-being. I am passionate about helping people overcome anxiety, loneliness and fears of abandonment and rejection. With a culturally sensitive, systemic and eclectic approach, I help people establish and maintain healthy boundaries with others, address patterns that hold them back, develop deeper self awareness and experience a connected, meaningful life. 

I am also passionate about helping families solve problems, strengthen relationship bonds and restore balance. I believe family is the origin of our well-being and improving relationships and healing from past hurts can help improve self confidence and encourage success. I look forward to supporting you on your wellness journey. Contact us to book your first appointment with me today. 

Meet Gerri

Certifications and Specialties

Attachment Therapy 
Person Centered Therapy 
Family Systems Therapy 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy


Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration
John Jay College of Criminal Justice 
Master of Social Work 
Hunter College Silberman School of Social Work

I’m Hermione Metayer, the Therapist here to help you improve your emotional/mental health while navigating through life and all of its curveballs. Utilizing both Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I am here to help you reach your maximum potential and create a healthy balance in your daily life. 
I have experienced what it is like to battle depression and anxiety. I know the struggles of not wanting to get out of bed. I can relate to believing that not a single person will understand what you're going through. I'm here to help you overcome those battles because I understand. Defeating depression and anxiety takes work - I want to guide you through what that means and help you get a good grasp of how to maintain the work you will put in. With therapy, I was able to overcome depression/anxiety and I believe that you can do it too!

My goal is to create a judgment-free space where you feel comfortable and welcomed. I believe in a holistic and nonconventional approach. I believe each of us has the tools we need to master life. Life is beautiful, but life also gets tough. Book your appointment with me for a safe space to share and process whatever it is you are facing.

Meet Hermoine

Certifications and Specialties

Person Centered Therapy 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
Solution Focused Therapy 
Narrative Therapy


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Salisbury University
Master of Social Work
Delaware State University

Meet Our Assistant

meet christina

I’m Christina Watson-Pender, the Virtual Assistant here to answer your non-clinical questions and meet your scheduling needs. Once you contact us here, I’ll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours and connect you with one of our therapists.

We serve clients based in Maryland and Washington D.C. While we don’t offer free consultations for the teen mental health and emotional health therapy services you can utilize an initial session to ask questions or learn about the counseling process.

We offer secure virtual services for all of our services.

Our payment options vary, based on specialities. 

We accept insurance for all specialities except:

- Faith based counseling
- Premarital packages 
- Sex therapy & relationships 

We’re Happy to Serve You!

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