sex Therapy & relationships

Knowing what's true about you and developing a healthy relationship with these truths are the initial steps to experiencing authentic sexual, emotional and physical intimacy with your partner.

Many couples crave a satisfying sex life but what does that look like? And what does it really take?

Truth is, sexuality is subjective and you have the right to define how you want to express and experience it, shame-free.

With compassion, inclusiveness and insight, Prackind is here to help you enhance your understanding of your own sexuality and sexual communication with your partner so that you can alleviate frustration, connect on a deeper level and thrive in wellness.

Get the Tools You Need to Connect on a Deeper Level and Thrive in Sexual Wellness

Step 1: Schedule a free 15 minute consultation call to share presenting problems and determine if were the best fit

Step 2: Engage in a thorough assessment 

Step 3: Create an action plan (where we’ll go and how we’ll get there)

Step 4: Engage in treatment interventions (the tools, strategies and conversations to help you thrive as one and meet your sex and relationship wellness goals)

Sex and relationship therapy is $165 per session. 

Insurance is not accepted for sex and relationship therapy.

The Process


Meet Your Therapist


I’m Amaris Watson Gale, the Psychotherapist and Premarital Love Counselor both adults and couples turn to for guidance and support. I counsel millennials on how to break through the anxiety, fear and lack of confidence preventing them from getting the success, inner peace and healthy relationships they crave. Engaged couples turn to my practice for compassionate, straightforward premarital advice on how to build passionate, long-lasting marriages.