3 Tips for Keeping Your Confidence in a Competitive, Chaotic World

For the ambitious yet doubtful woman.

“There are many types of __________, but there’s room for us all. “

Go ahead, you fill in the blank.

What is in your heart to do but you haven’t acted on it yet because others are already taking up space and doing it?

This simple yet powerful affirmation above sheds light on the reality of being able to do your own thing with boldness and grace no matter who else is “already” thriving in your industry too. But in a world of never-ending chaos and competition, it can be easy to lose sight of this certainty and experience ongoing fear and doubt.

Recently, I had the opportunity to counsel a beautiful, intelligent person (BIP) who happened to be an accountant. She shared her dream of opening a minority owned accounting firm in her community.

Her fear?

It would not thrive because accounting firms were already established in and around her community, and taking up that space. In our work together she uncovered and processed her worth as a human being, clarified her purpose, and learned practical, daily steps to become confident in her journey.

Confidence is your ability to act on something you believe in despite being scared. It is a practice that can be developed and a necessity for you to thrive in life. Here are 3 quick tips for when you’re in doubt to help boost your confidence and thrive your way…

#1.  Reflect on your source.

Reflect on who or what grounds you. For BIP, this is her Christian faith. Whether big, small, tangible or not, we all have a center… a source. Where do you turn for comfort, security and rest? Think, ponder and meditate on this for at least 10 minutes daily to help ground you and replenish your faith.

#2.  Learn and affirm your identity.

First, let me say that your individual value and worth is not tied into your productivity or what you do. Whether you do or don’t, you still are worthy. Period.

For BIP, learning her worth as a human being and understanding her identity in Christ (aside from her accomplishments and what she does for a living) was helpful in easing her fear and giving her the courage she needed to move forward. It’s important to know who you are and have the skills to challenge and reframe self-defeating thoughts that go against your truth. BIP now knows that she is highly valuable simply because she exists and now has the courage to take action through this lens. Learn, believe and affirm your identity daily.

#3. Create your own wins (and accomplish them).

This is one practical way to boost your confidence after you’ve done the first two steps aka the “heart work”. Develop your own wins that align with your ultimate goal. Keep them small and realistic so that you don’t overwhelm yourself by doing too much at once, and you can achieve them. BIP did this by breaking her ultimate goal (establishing an accounting firm) into 12 action steps that translated into a 12-week to do list with each individual step as a weekly goal. This gave her enough time to thoughtfully work through each step and accomplish each task with a sense of peace and more confidence than the task before.

Overtime, after engaging in these 3 steps repeatedly, and eliminating practices that caused her to doubt herself (yes, like focusing on peoples “highlight reels” on Instagram), BIP was able to minimize her fear, boost her confidence, and believe wholeheartedly that she was here to conquer a specific corner of the world. Now, both she and her accounting firm are thriving, she is providing healing mentorship for accounting students, and making her God-given impact on this world (whoop whoop!).

This can happen for you too. If you’re ready to stop dreaming your success story and engage in a process to help make it a reality, let’s have a conversation. You can schedule your first appointment here.

Questions for thought…

  • What is your perception of self? How do you believe this perception influences how you respond to your community and the world?
  • What life practices do you have that support improving your confidence and in what ways do they do so?
  • What’s your biggest challenge with developing and/or maintaining confidence and how do you plan to address it?

To joyful living!



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